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Beau Veste Tippet Stole 10-TIPPET

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Beau Veste Tippet Stole 10-TIPPET. Available in all colors


Beau Veste Tippet Stole is available in all liturgical colors.

Please specify color when ordering the Tippet Stole

Custom Embroidery may be added to the Tippet Stole with Camera Ready artwork.

Please submit design for quote - all artwork must be camera ready.

Tippet is the ceremonial scarf worn by Anglican priests, Lutherans, Scottish Presbyterian ministers and others.

Anglican priests wear the tippet with choir dress and hangs straight down at the front.  Ordained clergy wear a black tippet, and licensed readers wear a blue tippet.  In some countries it is referred to as a preaching scarf, a black scarf, or a blue scarf.  The tippet is different from the stole, which although often worn like a scarf is a Eucharistic vestment, usually made of a richer material, and varying according to the Liturgical color of the day or Liturgical Season. 

Clergy who are entitled to wear medals, orders or awards may fix them to the upper left side of the tippet on suitable occasions such as Remembrance Sunday.  Sometimes the right end of the tippet is embroidered with the coat of arms of the ecclesiastical institution of which the cleric is a member, but some do not approve this usage.  Tippets are often worn for the Daily Offices of Morning Prayer and Evensong. (Cf. Canon B8 of the Church of England, nb, the word “Scarf” is referring to the Tippet).  Stricter low church clergy may wear the tippet and choir dress during any church service, whether Communion is celebrated or not.  This follows a practice that was enforced from the Reformation until the late 19th century. 

By contrast, Anglican Catholics tend not to wear the tippet, often preferring to wear the habit of Roman Catholic clergy instead.

Some Lutherans use the tippet, as well.  Members of the Society of the Holy Trinity wear a tippet embroidered with the Society’s seal when presiding at the daily office.

The black preaching scarf, rarely blue, grey or green, is also worn by some Scottish Presbyterian ministers and other non-conformist clergy. 

Members of the Church Army, a Dispersed Community of Evangelists within the Church of England, are presented with a Cherry Red (maroon) Collar type Tippet, on their Commissioning, as a sign of authority to preach.  Some Officers replace this with a Scarf form of the tippet, but retaining the distinctive color scheme.


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