Brothers and Sisters: Paul in the Liturgy

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Brothers and Sisters: Paul in the Liturgy - LBPAUL - 9781616717414

Brothers and Sisters: Paul in the Liturgy will enrich appreciation of Paul and offer a sharper lens through which to interpret his words proclaimed in the liturgy. These passages ground our faith in the beliefs and practices of the first followers of Christ and have shaped Christian life throughout the ages. Florence Morgan Gillman’s exposition brings us Paul as an evangelizing man of action and introduces to us the coworkers, opponents, and communities that were part of his mission. Lectors, readers, and homilists will gain confidence and insight from this context of his sometimes-controversial legacy. This book invites them, and all who hear the Word, to bring Paul’s passion for the Gospel to their ministry.

This new addition to the Liturgy and the Bible series will help preachers, readers, and lectors understand St. Paul’s theology and pastoral work so they can effectively relay his message to the assembly.