Bulletin Cover Thank You Father 100 Pack-A6168

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Wedding Bulletin Covers Thank You Father, for the Gift of Our Marriage 100 Pack-A6168, Wedding Cover Now Available 349


Wedding Bulletin Covers with the Title:

Thank You Father, for the Gift of Our Marriage

100 Pack-A6168, Panoramic 8.5x11" and the Verse:

Lord, we thank you for the gift of our marriage, a gift of extraordinary worth.  We receive your gift as the design for our lives --- and give to each other to nourish its growth.  Our hearts beat with the warmth that displaced our aloneness and gave us a place in each other's heart.

Together we hope for a future that will merge our dreams of today into your plans for tomorrow.  May our love pretend no gifts but itself, no empty promises, no hidden blemishes, no vain disguises.  May it always respond as our hearts do now, entwined by affectionate trust and passionate commitment.  Our prayer is for your peace to always be the signature of our home.

Wedding Bulleint Cover Standard Size Bulletin Covers are printed on an 8.5x11" sheet of the highest quality paper. All covers are blank on the inside and back, ready for you to imprint on your laser printer or photocopier.

Wedding Bulletin Covers Thank You Father 100 Pack-A6168, Panoramic 8.5x11"

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