Caedmon's Call, Artist; Back Home, Title; Music CD

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Music CD by Caedmon's Call, titled Back Home

This CD Back Home by Caedmon’s Call was published in 2003. The title Back Home was inspired by one of the songs, “Hands of the Potter”, which tells of the Prodigal Son.

Because some of the Caedmon’s Call songwriters are outside the band, their songs are wonderfully diverse. This fact also allows all the members of Caedmon’s Call to show their craft equally.

The CD Back Home by Caedmon’s Call contains the following songs; Only Hope, You Created, Walk With Me, Hands of the Potter, The Emptiest Day, The Kingdom, Beautiful Mystery, The High Countries, Thousand Miles, Never Gonna Let Go, Awake My Soul, Manner and Means, Mystery of Mercy.

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