Caedmon,s Call, Artist; In The Company of Angels, Title; Music CD

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Music CD by Caedmon's Call, titled In the Company of Angels

Music CD In the Company of Angels, follows Caedmon’s Call’s album Long Line of Leavers. In the Company of Angels, subtitled “A Call to Worship”, Caedmon’s Call presents some traditional hymns besides some new songwriting by group members.

“We Delight” has become quite popular. It also has a song by the late Rich Mullins, called “Oh Lord, Your Love.”

In the Company of Angels, by Caedmon’s Call, contains the following songs; We Delight, Before There Was Time, Thy Mercy, God Who Saves, Who You Are, Carry Your Love, God Of Wonders, I Boast No More, Oh Lord Your Love, Warrior, Laden With Guilt, and The Danse.

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