Caedmon's Call, Artist; Long Line of Leavers, Titls; Music CD

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Music CD by Caedmon's Call, titled Long Line of Leavers

Music CD Long Line of Leavers is Caedmon’s Call’s ninth album. The title Long Line of Leavers is a fitting one. Caedmon’s Call presents some quality tracks concerning some of the loneliness that people face. As told in the lyrics of “Love Alone”, sometimes we feel left behind by the people we love. The comfort is knowing the presence of God in our lives. The words of “Dance” express this powerfully, also.

Long Line of Leavers by Caedmon’s Call contains the following songs; The Only One, Love Is Different, Prepare Ye The Way, Prove Me Wrong, Mistake Of My Life, Masquerade, What You Want, Valleys Fill First, Can’t Lose You, Love Alone, Dance, Piece of Glass, and Ballad of San Francisco.

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