Carey Landry, Artist; I Will Not Forget You, Title; Music CD

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Music CD by Carey Landry, titled I Will Not Forget You

Carey Landry is a certified hospital chaplain. He and wife Carol Jean Kinghorn, a volunteer chaplain, use their experiences in this ministry to write songs of healing and hope. CD I Will Not Forget You expresses this. The words, “I will never forget you,” are contained in the first song, Isaiah 49, by Carey Landry.

Music CD I Will Not Forget You by Carey Landry includes the following songs; Isaiah 49, Peace Is Flowing Like A River, A Time For Building Bridges, Spirit Of Life, New Life, How Good Is The Lord, Hail Mary: Gentle Woman, The Word Who Is Life, Song of Jesus Christ, Hymn Of Praise, Lose Yourself In Me, and Brother Jesus.