The Seven Sacraments 19" x 27" Laminated Catholic Poster

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This four-color laminated Catholic poster of the Seven Sacraments designed in the shape of the Cross measures 19" x 27" and is ideal for classroom use.


This sturdy, laminated 19” x 27” Catholic poster shows the Seven Sacraments in a brand new way, showing how the Seven Sacraments conforms to the Cross of Christ.  This Seven Sacraments Poster illustrative look at the Seven Sacraments takes the student through the following stages:

  • It begins with Baptism, the gateway sacrament, found at the foot of the Cross. Baptism gives us enormous grace and allows us access to the ladder of the Cross, so that we might ascend to heaven through its power.
  • From Baptism, we ascend to Confirmation, wherein the Church, the Bride of Christ, imparts to each of the baptized the strengthening grace necessary for us to be fully equipped against the darts and arrows of the evil one.
  • The high point and cap of the Sacraments of Initiation is the Eucharist, the intimate union with Christ Himself. As Jesus Himself tells us, we must eat His flesh and drink His blood to have eternal life.
  • Radiating out from this central sacrament of the altar, are the two sacraments of service. On the right of Christ is Holy Orders, the sacrament Jesus instituted at the same time He instituted the Eucharist. On Christ's left, in the other place of honor, is the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Without these two sacraments, the Church would surely fail.
  • As we reach upward towards God, He empowers us to live the Cross as He did. Our illnesses and serious physical sufferings are sanctified by the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.

This laminated 19” x 27” Catholic poster of the Seven Sacraments is ready for framing or mounting as a classroom teaching aid.

Seven Sacraments Poster

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