Ceremonial Binder Black with Gold Foil

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The Black Liturgical Ceremonial Binder #006511 is used for Choirs, Funerals and Book of Remembrance.


Church Supplies: The black with gold foil liturgical ceremonial binder #006511 is used for Choirs, Funerals and Book of Remembrance. This ceremonial binder has a varnished fabric cover with black accents and elegant gold foil embossing. The Ceremonial Binder measures 8-1/2” x 11” with one inside front pocket.

For not much more than you would pay for simple black vinyl binders, you can have binders specifically designed for use at worship. These Ceremonial Binders are beautifully constructed, heavily embossed and assembled by hand. Michael O’Neill McGrath, OSFS, created the exterior art that appears on each binder. Water, the sign of baptism, mingles with wheat and grapes a they move to the center, where circular movement, symbolic of the Spirit, meets at the heart of the Cross.

These ceremonial binders are perfect for Presiders, Cantors, and Lectors. They are ideal for accompanists to use to assemble each week’s service music saving wear and tear on accompaniment books. They can be a dignified, expandable alternative for enrollment or remembrance books and can be used for general intercessions, announcements, special rites, and seasonal service programs.

Church Goods: Ceremonial Binder, Black with Gold Foil, #006511