Chalice Gold and Silver Plated 6-3/4" High 7 oz capacity 14-K920


Chalice Gold and Silver Plated with Cross 6-3/4" H, 3-1/4" dia. Cup, 7 oz. capacity 14-K920 FREE SHIPPING

Chalice - Gold and Silver Plated Chalice K920 with Cross & Stone measures 6-3/4" High with a 3-1/4" diameter Cup and 3-½” Base.  Chalice has a 7 oz. capacity 14-K920

Distinctive design Chalice with Gold Plated Interior of Cup and Deep Rim of Cup and Node.  Base and Lower Portion of Cup are Silver Plated.  Note the Gold Plated Cross with Stone on the Base.

K Brand Fine Church Goods. All products are of the highest quality and appropriate for church use.

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Chalice Gold Silver Plate 14-K920

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