Christ and the Powers of Darkness

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Christ and the Powers of Darkness - Fr. J. Godfrey Raupert - 9781644137307

Make no mistake about it: the father of lies is waging a war against your soul. At the end of your life, it will be either he who has won - or you, through God's grace.

Here is the book that pulls the curtain back on the devil's strategies and shows you how to safeguard yourself and your family against his deadly methods.

In this spiritual classic, Fr. Godfrey Raupert unveils the true aim and character of those dangerous forces seeking to destroy your peace and your way of life. You'll learn how the devil and his fallen angels leverage your natural temperament and disposition in their efforts to inflict damage upon your soul. You'll also learn why souls are increasingly attacked as they reach higher degrees of sanctity and how your own heroic spiritual efforts can thwart demonic activity.

Armed with revealing examples from the Old Testament to today, Fr. Raupert shows us how the work of evil spirits is stealthy and subtle - so subtle that even their presence and operation are often layers removed and not even suspected. He also shares in chilling detail true cases of exorcisms and house hauntings and what our Lord seeks to teach us through each.

In addition, Father Raupert answers questions such as:
  • Can evil spirits read our minds?
  • What is the difference between demonic possession and demonic obsession?
  • Why does God not use His power to destroy rebellious angels?
  • What is the difference between false and true mysticism?
  • Why is spending time alone with God imperative?
  • What is the most powerful defense against falling prey to the devil?