The Apostles Creed New Translation 19" x 27" Christian Poster

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Four-color Christian poster of the New Translation of The Apostles Creed measures 19" x 27" and is ideal for classroom use.


This sturdy, 19” x 27” Christian poster of The Apostles Creed teaches one of the earliest of the basic formulations of faith. In The Apostles Creed, we see how deeply rooted our faith is in the historical truth. It begins with eternity, it ends in eternity, but it travels through the historical events of the Virgin Birth, the Life of Christ, and His Paschal Mystery.

The Apostles Creed Poster:  The Apostles Creed was originally a profession of faith required of converts to Christianity before they were baptized. As a formula of belief, it goes back in substance, if not in words, to the Twelve Apostles.

This 19” x 27” Christian poster of The Apostles Creed is ready for framing or mounting as a classroom teaching aid and for praying The Apostle’s Creed with your children, class or RCIA class The Apostle’s Creed

The Apostles Creed Christian Poster 19" x 27"