14 inch Oberammergau Crucifix 45 068 14

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14” Oberammergau wooden Crucifix.


This Oberammergau Crucifix measures 14” x 7”. This Crucifix is wood carved and designed in the Oberammergau style. The corpus is detailed with wounds on Jesus’ hands, feet, side, knees, and forehead. There is a gold colored sign with INRI “nailed” on it. It is made a very lightweight wood. This Crucifix would make a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Oberammergau is a town in southern Germany that every 10 years performs the Passion Play. This play has been going on since 1634 as a thanks to God for sparing many of the citizens from the plague. This cross is a replica of the ones found in Oberammergau Germany.

14 inch Oberammergau Crucifix 4506814