10 inch Oberammergau Crucifix with Base 4507510

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10" Oberammergau wooden Crucifix with Base


This crucifix measures 10” high, out of the base and 11½  in the base. You can hang this Crucifix on the wall or stand it in the base. This Crucifix is wood carved and designed in the Oberammergau style. The corpus is detailed with wounds on Jesus’ hands, feet, side, knees, and forehead. There is a gold colored sign with INRI “nailed” on it. It is made a very lightweight wood. This Crucifix would make a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Oberammergau is a town in southern Germany that every 10 years performs the Passion Play. This play has been going on since 1634 as a thanks to God for sparing many of the citizens from the plague. This cross is a replica of the ones found in Oberammergau Germany.