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Catholic DVD - John Paul II PJPKL-M is considered the world’s biggestand best documentary on the life of new Saint Pope John Paul II.


Catholic DVD - John Paul II PJPKL-M.

This new film is the world's biggest documentary on the new saint, Saint Pope John Paul II. It reveals his remarkable legacy in the history of the Church and the world, as well as how his extraordinary personality, generosity, courage and sense of humor united people on all continents, regardless of their social status, age or religious beliefs. It utilizes exclusive archival footage featuring John Paul II, as well as a lot of original shots made for this comprehensive film.

Produced in HD quality, and four years in the making, DVD - John Paul II was filmed in 13 countries. It features many world famous figures from the Church, Politics, Entertainment and News industries, and their inspiring, insightful thoughts about and experiences with John Paul II. Some of the many famous people featured in the film include Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz (the Pope's longtime personal secretary), singer Placido Domingo, actor Eduardo Verastegui, Cardinal Frances Arinze, journalist Marco Politi, Italian politician & philosopher Rocco Buttiglione, former Polish President Lech Walesa, and many more.

DVD - John Paul II is a unique, dynamic, high quality, and sweeping epic film on the amazing life and legacy of St. John Paul II. DVD- John Paul II PJPKL-M

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