David Haas, Artist; Blest Are They, Title; Music CD

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Music CD by David Haas, titled Blest Are They

David Haas is a well-known Christian singer/composer and author of over 20 books on liturgy, music, catechesis, and spirituality. Music CD Blest Are They is the Best of David Haas Volume 1. The Blest Are They CD contains 14 of his greatest compositions from 15 various recordings.

Music CD Blest Are They by David Haas includes the following songs: Christ Will Be Your Light; Now We Remain; As Water to the Thirsty; The Name of God; My Lord Will Come Again; My God and My All; Alleluia! Let Us Rejoice!; Magnificat; Dust and Ashes; Send Us Your Spirit; Voices That Challenge; Prayer for Peace; We Are Called; and Blest Are They.