Emkay Liquid Candle Fuel CF-100

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One carton of Emkay Liquid Candle Wax contains two, 1-Quart bottles, one easy pour spout cap. CF-100 Free Shipping on $100.00 orders


Emkay Liquid Candle Fuel is an exclusive blend formulated from liquid waxes to standards far and above other liquid oils. This highly refined liquid paraffin fuel is virtually colorless and smokeless when used as directed.

Emkay’s Liquid Candle Fuel is the cleanest burning fuel available; it does not leave residual odors and soot commonly associated with kerosene based oils.

This product ships in one carton containing two handy 1-quart bottles and includes one easy pour spout cap.  CF-100

Free Shipping on $100.00 orders

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