Commercial 35' Aluminum Satin Flagpole w/ Internal Halyard Cleat

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This 35' tapered aluminum flagpole with satin finish is recommended to display a 6' x 10' flag.


This gracefully tapered 35’ commercial aluminum flagpole with satin finish provides additional security and increased aesthetics by locating the halyard and cam cleat inside the flagpole shaft.

The cam cleat locking mechanism used to raise and lower the flag is accessible only through a keyed access door. Halyard noise is eliminated since only the flag arrangement, counterweight, retainer ring and swivel snaps are exposed.

The overall length of this pole is 38’ 6” with a butt diameter of 6” and a top diameter of 3 1/2”, wall thickness of .156  Recommended flag size is 6’ x 10’.

Commercial flagpoles from MOSACK’S offer high quality at affordable prices and are designed to withstand wind gusts up to 80 MPH. Standard fittings include:

· Spun gold anodized aluminum ball

· Wire-core centered internal halyard with beaded retainer ring, counterweight, and zinc-plated swivel snaps

· Cast aluminum, stationary truck assembly with integral nylon pulley

· Cam action cleat inside the flagpole shaft

· Corrugated steel foundation sleeve with integral lightning spike and support plate

· Spun aluminum flash collar with finish to match pole.

Our flagpoles provide a winning combination of strength, appearance, durability, and value that equal or surpass the standards of the industry. All flagpoles are made in America.

We can drop ship this flagpole to your business. Please call us at 1-800-779-8887 for shipping fees to complete your order and find out if installation is available in your area.