Fight for their Hearts: Hope and Help for Every Dad by Kenny Dallas and Tim Sexton

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Hope and help for every dad


All dads desire to be better fathers and have a spiritual influence in the life of their kids. They long to improve but struggle to find practical guidance and encouragement along the way. Often, they end up feeling inadequate and don’t even know why.

In their new book Fight for Their Hearts: Hope and Help for Every Dad, authors Kenny Dallas and Tim Sexton equip fathers with the resources and encouragement that they need to fight for their families. Developed for dads by dads, this book introduces Christian men to the idea of biblical fatherhood and impresses upon them the need for community, discipleship, and encouragement.

Kenny Dallas has been a high school football coach for over 20 years and currently serves as the head football coach at Trinity Christian School in Sharpsburg, Georgia. Kenny's greatest desire is to live a life that truly matters--one that is intentionally focused on his relationship with the Lord, his relationship with his family, and the impact he has on all those the Lord puts in His path.


Tim Sexton serves as Pastor of Men's Discipleship at Eagles Landing Baptist Church. Tim's one goal in ministry now is to help people see the difference between pursuing an outward, polished image that will appease the supposedly angry God and impress everyone else, and being transformed by the gospel from the inside out.

David C Cook Publisher


Table of Contents:

Acknowledgments                                                    13
A Foreword from Mark Hall of Casting Crowns        15
A Word from Kenny and Tim before You Begin       19
1. Painting the Picture                                              23
M46 Dads Challenge One                                        29
Kenny's Story: The Blessing in Brokenness             30
2. Starting at the Finish Line                                     43
M46 Dads Challenge Two                                        53
Tim's Story: Heart of the Child, Heart of the Father  55
Part One: Father
3. The Father's Covenant                                         69
M46 Dads Challenge Three                                      82
Todd and Zack's M46 Moment: Fighting for Love,
Not Perfection                                                           83
4. Religious Pursuit vs. Gospel Transformation        87
M46 Dads Challenge Four 105
Les's M46 Moment: The Gospel of Grace              107
5. Love, Acceptance, Worth, and Security             109
M46 Dads Challenge Five                                      119
Robbie's M46 Moment: Father's Sacrifice              120
Part Two: Family
6. The Four Dads                                                    125
M46 Dads Challenge Six                                        139
Quincy's M46 Moment: The Art of Listening           140
7. The Cup 143
M46 Dads Challenge Seven                                   151
Mike's M46 Moment: Rekindled Hope                    153
8. Encouragement vs. Exasperation                       155
M46 Dads Challenge Eight                                     170
Everett's M46 Moment: A Grandfather's Challenge 172
Part Three: Field
9. The Battle Cry                                                     177
M46 Dads Challenge Nine                                      191
Drew's M46 Moment: Live Every Day for What Matters 193
10. Becoming a Reconciling Rhino                         197
M46 Dads Challenge Ten                                       210
Your M46 Moment: Fighting for the Hearts of Your Kids 213
Epilogue: Charge Forward                                      215
Notes                                                                      219
Bible Credits                                                           221