Fontanini 16-Piece Nativity Set with Stable in 5" Scale

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Fontanini Nativity set in 5" scale includes Italian stable with 16 Hand-painted Fontanini Figurines. Gift-boxed with story cards.


Fontanini 16-piece Nativity set with Italian stable in 5"scale #54492. Figures include Fontanini The Holy Family, Fontanini Three Kings, two Fontanini Trumpeting Angels, Fontanini Shepherd Matthew, Fontanini Rachel, Fontanini David, Fontanini three Sheep, Fontanini Seated Ox and Fontanini Seated Donkey. The Fontanini Stable is made of wood, bark and moss and measures 17 inches wide x 12 inches high.

Fontanini Heirloom Nativity figures are richly detailed and hand-painted in an old-world palette for authenticity and enduring beauty. The figures are hand-crafted from a specially formatted polymer that is resistant to chipping and breaking.

A delightful accompaniment to this nativity set are Fontanini story cards which offer a fictional account of each figurine at the time of Christ’s birth. Offering a step back in time to biblical Bethlehem, story cards provide memory-making opportunities and have become a cherished tradition for many families.

The House of Fontanini has been creating old world sculptures in the village of Bagni di Lucca, Italy, for more than 100 years. The life-like, heirloom quality Fontanini Nativity sets are available in different configurations, like the Fontanini 16-piece set with stable #54492.