Fontanini Masterpiece 70" Gabriel Shepherd Nativity Figure

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Fontanini Masterpiece 70 Inch Gabriel Shepherd FREE SHIPPING


Fontanini Masterpiece 70 Inch Gabriel Shepherd     FREE SHIPPING

The Fontanini Masterpiece Nativity Collection from Roman, Inc. in 70” scale features this beautifully designed truly life-size Fontanini Nativity Gabriel Shepherd made of resin and hand-painted in Italy using non-toxic paints.

Start or enhance your life size Fontanini Masterpiece Nativity Collection with the many Fontanini figurines found through MOSACK’S. Add to your collection with the many Fontanini Nativity figures to create a scene that relates the First Christmas.

Many churches build magnificent Fontanini Nativities over the years by starting a Fontanini Nativity Fund. Parishioners contribute to the fund and the church purchases Fontanini figures from Mosack's as money resources become available. Some parishioners also purchase individual Fontanini Nativity figures as gifts or memorials.

The House of Fontanini has been creating old world sculptures in the village of Bagni di Lucca, Italy, for more than 100 years. The life-like, heirloom-quality Fontanini Nativities figurines have been produced in many sizes, including the life size Fontanini 70” Masterpiece Collection Gabriel Shepherd 20-57751.

The 70” scale collection is a full 20% larger than the largest figures ever offered by Fontanini and is available by Special Order Only.

Fontanini Masterpiece 70 Inch Gabriel Shepherd 20-57751