Fontanini Nativity 20" Collection, 8 Pc. Set RETIRED In Stock

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$10,150.00 $8,995.00

20" Masterpiece Collection RETIRED set features The Holy Family, Shepherd Gabriel, King Melchior, Rachel & 2 Angels. All signed by Emanuele Fontanini & Baby Jesus also signed by Stefano Fontanini FREE SHIPPING Further discount if picked up in store.


The Fontanini Masterpiece Nativity Collection in 20” scale features this beautiful retired Fontanini 8-Piece Set priced at $10,150.00 and is on sale for $8,995.00 including shipping.  If picked up in store, only pay $7,995.00  All of the pieces in this exquisitely-detailed 20" scale set were personally signed by Emanuele Fontanini and Baby Jesus was also signed by Stefano Fontanini during their Tour visits to MOSACK'S. 
 Retired - one set in stock  

The Masterpiece Nativity Collection 20" Set is made from marble-based resin, except for the Baby Jesus which is made from polymer and His wood/cork manger.  All Fontanini figures are hand-painted in Italy using non-toxic paints. This 8-Piece Set includes:

  • The Holy Family including Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus (all pieces signed by Emanuele Fontanini, Baby Jesus also signed by Stefano Fontanini)
  • Shepherd Gabriel with Sheep (signed by Emanuele Fontanini)
  • Rachel with fruit basket (signed by Emanuele Fontanini)
  • King Melchior bringing his gift of gold to the Baby Jesus (signed by Emanuele Fontanini)
  • Kneeling Angel with Blue Robes (signed by Emanuele Fontanini)
  • Kneeling Angel with Pink Gown (the flame on her candle is lower) (signed by Emanuele Fontanini)

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Donkey no longer available in 20" scale size - see 18" scale size.