Fontanini Nativity Stories Book Hardcover #50320

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Fontanini Nativity Stories Book is a collection of stories of Fontanini nativity figurines and villagers who were touched by the new born King. #50320


This Nativity Stories book feaures the art of Fontanini #50320.

This hardcover book is a collection of stories of Fontanini figures from the Holy Family to the Three Kings, shepherds and villagers who were touched by the new born King.

Create a Fontanini Nativity scene and begin a collection with one of the many Fontanini Nativities found at MOSACK’S. Add to your collection with the many Fontanini Nativity animals, angels, buildings, shepherds and villagers to create a scene relating to the First Christmas.

If you had lived in Bethlehem nearly 2000 years ago, what would your life have been like. What could you have been doing when Jesus was born? Find out with the Fontanini Heirloom Collectible Storybook. This contains the very special stories that are associated with many Fontanini Heirloom figures. Every fictionalized story enriches your understanding of biblical times.

Nativity Stories featuring the art of Fontanini Heirloom Nativity Book in Hardcover #50320 has the following stories:

  • Journey to Bethlehem
  • The Holy Family
  • Baby Jesus
  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • Balthazar, King
  • Gaspar, King
  • Melchior, King
  • Aaron, Shepherd
  • Abda, Stable Hand at Bethlehem's Inn
  • Abner, Storyteller Villager
  • Abraham, Old Villager
  • Adah & Jason, Children of the Village
  • Adam, High Priest
  • Amos, Carpenter in the Village
  • Andrew, the Potter
  • Ariel, Villager
  • Ava and Lea, Villagers, Innkeeper's Children
  • Beth, Villager, Spinner of Wool
  • Bethany, Villager - Vineyard Worker
  • Boy of Bethlehem, Villager
  • Carmi, Vineyard Worker
  • Children's Camel
  • Chloe, Harp Musician
  • Daphne, , Jeweler
  • Darah and Grace, Mother and Daughter, Darah's Husband is Papa, Grace's brother is Misham, Shepherd
  • Darius, Villager Bread Merchant
  • David, Villager, Worker at Bethlehem's Inn
  • Deborah, Villager
  • Delilah, Basket Weaver, Villager
  • Dinah, Dancer, Villager
  • Elam, King's Servant
  • Elisabeth, Innkeeper's Wife
  • Enoch with Crutch, Shepherd
  • Ephraim, Sleeping Shepherd
  • Esau, Stable Hand at Bethlehem's Inn
  • Ethan, Shepherd with Goat and Dog
  • Ezra with Basket of Eggs, Villager Egg Peddler
  • Ezbon, Student
  • Gabriel, Shepherd
  • Gilead, King's Servant
  • Girl of Bethlehem, Villager
  • The Gloria Angel
  • Hannah, Villager with Wheat
  • Hiram, Fisherman
  • Isaiah, Shepherd
  • Jacob, Fisherman
  • Jareth, Drummer boy
  • Jeremiah, Shepherd
  • Joan, Shepherdess
  • Joanna, Weaver
  • John, Farmer
  • Jordan, Spice Merchant
  • Josiah, Bagpiper
  • Judith, Villager with Jugs
  • Kenan, or Keenan, Husband of Rebekah and Father of Aram and Adel
  • King Herod
  • The Kneeling Angel
  • The Little Shepherd Angel
  • Mary's Donkey
  • Matthew, Shepherd
  • Micah, Shepherd
  • Miriam, Shepherdess
  • Matthias, Pipe Musician
  • Moriah, Fig Lady
  • Nahome, Wife of Timothy, read about the blanket she made from their sheep's wool
  • Nathan, Villager with garlic and baskets of produce
  • Noah, Water Boy
  • Obediah, Teacher
  • Orion, Blacksmith
  • Papa and Misham, Shepherd, see Darah and Grace
  • Paul, Shepherd
  • Phillip, Villager, Man with Horn
  • Priscilla, Expectant Woman
  • Rachel, Villager with Basket of Fruit
  • Rebekah, Adel & Aram, Villagers, Keenan is the Husband and Father
  • Rhonda, or Rhoda, Shepherdess
  • Ruth, Baker
  • Samantha, Sewing Swaddling Clothes
  • Samson, Caravan Leader
  • Sharon, Perfume Merchant
  • The Shepherd Choir
  • Silas, Boy Shepherd
  • St. Francis of Assisi
  • The Standing Angel
  • Thaddeus, Innkeeper
  • Thomas, Rug Merchant
  • Tiberius, Sculptor
  • Timothy, Traveler for census, Husband of Nahome
  • Zachariah, Shepherd
  • Zoe, Olive Worker
  • The Camel
  • The Sheep
  • The Seated Camel
  • The Donkey
  • The Ox
  • The Flight Into Egypt


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