Fontanini 7.5" Samson Camel Driver 20-52870 RETIRED In Stock

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Fontanini 7.5" Samson Camel Driver 20-52870


Fontanini 7.5" Samson Camel Driver 20-52870 is made from virtually unbreakable polymer for the 7 ½” scale Fontanini Nativity collection. This figurine depicts Samson holding his saddle bag while using his whip to lead the caravan. Samson is hand-painted in Italy using non-toxic paints.

The House of Fontanini has been creating old world sculptures in the village of Bagni di Lucca, Italy, for more than 100 years. MOSACK’S is a certified Fontanini dealer and has numerous retired collectibles as well as current Fontanini figurines, animals, stables and accessories in the 5, 7 ½, 12, 18, 27, 34 and 50-inch scale.

If you had lived in Bethlehem nearly 2000 years ago, what would your life have been like. What could you have been doing when Jesus was born? Find out with the Fontanini Heirloom Collectible Storybook. This contains the very special stories that are associated with many Fontanini Heirloom figures, including Samson. Every fictionalized Story enriches your understanding of biblical times.

Fontanini 7.5 Inch Samson Camel Driver 20-52870