Go Outside: …And 19 Other Keys to Thriving in Your 20s

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Go Outside: …And 19 Other Keys to Thriving in Your 20s - Jared C Wilson & Becky Wilson - 9780802428264


We all wish we could go back. 

In Go Outside, Jared and Becky Wilson imagine the advice they’d give if they could travel back in time. Like Solomon in Ecclesiastes, as we get older, we lament and regret the desires and behaviors of our youth. But what if you could avoid some of the pitfalls and pain so many people experience?

After 25 years of marriage and even more years following Jesus, Jared and Becky provide vital words of wisdom and encouragement to make the season of your youth a time of joy and fruitful investment in the future. You can build your legacy now based on this important biblical counsel. Filled with warmth and personal stories, the Wilsons explore topics such as:

  • You’ll never regret time spent with Jesus
  • Church membership isn’t optional
  • Chasing your dreams is overrated
  • Take care of your mind and body
  • Never try to be the expert in the room
  • Learn to be friends with Jesus
  • If you want to live the eternal kind of life, center on the gospel
  • Go Outside. . . and much, much more

This book includes twenty short chapters that will set—or keep—your story on the right track. Read it with friends and share it with the ones you love.