HCSB Army Bible (Green)

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The Army Bible in Army green simulated leather with United States Eagle insignia. PERSONALIZED embossing available.


We can PERSONALIZE this Bible for you by adding a name, date and/or a special message. We will emboss this on the cover of the Bible. See details below.

Now on sale, this pocket-sized (4 ½” x 7”)  Military Bible is bound in durable Army green simulated leather with gold gilded page edges and United States Eagle insignia on the cover. This Bible contains special prayer and devotional section for Army personnel. 9781433651762

 The Holman Christian Standard Bible version is published by a Baptist publishing house, however, the Bible is a version that had 17 Christian denominations involved in the translating.  It is easy to read and yet poetic like the King James Version.

 For our Catholic military personnel we would recommend The New American Bible or the New Jerusalem Bible.   Especially, we would recommend the zipper cover New American Bible as seen below.  This is available in green or burgundy and we can emboss the name in gold on the cover. 

The Army Bible has many special features, including:

  • Special presentation, dedication and records section for military personnel
  • The Pledge of Allegiance and The Star Spangled Banner
  • US Armed Forces Code of Conduct
  • US Army Core Values: "The Army Hymn","The Mission of the Army", "A Soldier's Prayer", "Cadet's Prayer", "General George S. Patton's Prayer", "The Lord's Prayer for the Military Wife" and "How Should a Warrior Pray"
  • Quotations, prayers and inspirational messages from famous military personnel

MOSACK'S offers personalized embossing on the cover of this Bible for your Soldier. You can add a name, date and/or message up to two lines at 25 spaces per line. There is a fee of $8 for one line and $10 for two lines. Create your personal message on the Order/Comments section at checkout. The embossing fee will be added to your credit card. Please email us at info@mosacks.com with any questions prior to ordering.

For these perilous times, for the men and women who serve the cause of freedom around the world, MOSACK'S is pleased to provide the entire Bible in a format that is handsome, easy to carry, and that is designed to meet the specific needs of Christians who serve in the most difficult of situations.