"Help Her Be Brave" by Amy Ford

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Discover your place in the pro-life movement.


What if we lived in a world where every woman with an unplanned pregnancy always felt empowered to choose life for her unborn baby? To create that kind of change, it will take all of us. As the church, we can play a powerful role in making abortion unthinkable. With Help Her Be Brave, you can discover your part in saving lives and find your pro-life passion.

This includes how to:

  • Learn practical ways to get involved using your unique gifts and talents
  • Find women with unexpected pregnancies and connect them to support
  • Use your influence and be a voice for the voiceless
  • Make your church a refuge for abortion vulnerable women
  • If abortion became illegal today, the church isn’t ready to help women practically, spiritually and emotionally. It’s time to change that.

We can’t look away any longer. This is our moment for us to stand up and help her be brave.

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