Humility and the Elevation of the Mind to God - Thomas à Kempis

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Humility and the Elevation of the Mind to God - Thomas à Kempis - 3008

This classic work from Thomas à Kempis, author of The Imitation of Christ, is now available in English for the first time. It is a simple truth that, without the virtue of humility, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It simply cannot be done. Just as pride is the root and source of all sin, so is humility the foundational virtue in which all other virtues must be grounded if they are to bear fruit. Ever since Lucifer’s pride prompted his rebellion from God and Heaven, it has been continuously forgotten that only humility can lead us back to Heaven and union with God. Pride, as we know, is the broad and easy road to Hell. Unfortunately, our world has lost the sense of sin because it has lost the sense of God and virtue, especially humility. Humility is the heartbeat of the saints and the foundation of all virtues. It is the virtue that conforms us most closely to Christ. In this short but deeply rich book, the great spiritual master, Thomas à Kempis, will teach you the following:
  • The necessity of humility
  • How to cultivate humility
  • The manifestations of pride
  • How to elevate your mind to God
  • How to pray with humility and reverence
This timeless work also includes some of the most beautiful prayers ever written to God, the Blessed Mother, and the saints that will help you advance in virtue and pray with fervor.