Icon of the Holy Family 9" x 14" Custom, Size XL

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This 9” x 14” XL icon of the Holy Family is a new addition to the line.

This colorful icon of the Holy Family HF-XL is an extra large icon measuring 9” in width and 14” in height. It is mounted on a one inch piece of wood.

This Icon of The Holy Family along with many other beautiful Icons was made in a small Eastern Orthodox Monastery dedicated to the semi-eremitical way of life. In order to provide a source of income, meaningful work for the monks, and to express a sense of outreach and mission to the world at large, they offer high quality icon prints in the Byzantine and Slavic styles that are laminated and mounted on birch plywood. Also available are icons that are hand painted by the Monks.

True icons, when painted in a traditional manner, are an expression of Orthodox Christian theology. They have been used by the faithful over the centuries to learn by showing love and reverence toward these icons, that all material existence has been sanctified by Christ’s Incarnation, Death and Resurrection.