St. Patrick Joseph's Studio Renaissance Statue #40724

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Joseph's Studio St. Patrick #40724 is a 10 1/4" resin-stone mix figure from the Joseph's Studio Renaissance Collection from Roman Inc.


From the Joseph's Studio Renaissance Collection by Roman, Inc., this Joseph's Studio St. Patrick figurine #40724 shows St. Patrick in a green chasuble and gold miter. In his left hand he is holding a silver crozier. His right hand is held up with two fingers and the thumb extended to show the Trinity.

Joseph's Studio St. Patrick figurine #40724 is made of a resin/stone mix and measures 10 1/4” high and comes in a gift box. This Joseph's Studio St. Patrick figurine is masterfully painted in rich colors with detailed, expressive faces.

St. Patrick, a Roman citizen, was captured by Irish raiders at the age of 12 and sold into slavery in Ireland. During the six years of servitude, he underwent a religious transformation. Patrick managed to escape to Gaul and there received training from St. Germanus. He returned to Ireland and proved himself to be a great missionary, converting people in the five kingdoms. Details about his life are mixed with the legends that sprang up about him, the most famous being his expulsion of snakes from Ireland.

The Joseph’s Studio line from Roman, Inc. focuses mainly on inspirational figures and garden statuary. The portrayal of Jesus, various Saints, garden cherubs and angels is unique in style and is highly respected and sought after by collectors and those in the religious industry.

Joseph's Studio Renaissance Collection St. Patrick #40724.

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