John Angotti, Artist; Common Ground, Title; Music CD

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Music CD by John Angotti, titled Common Ground


In the CD Common Ground, John Angotti presents music appropriate for Marian feasts, Advent, weddings, and for general worship. Common Ground also includes settings for Psalms 85 and 145.

This album and music collection demonstrate John Angotti’s extraordinary songwriting and performing abilities.  Common Ground by John Angotti highlights John’s command of many diverse styles: gospel, blues, rock, and ballad. The same gifted musicians who helped to make Rise Up, My People a bestseller—Paul Tate, Meredith Dean, Seth Maynard, and Joey Rauso—are on hand for Common Ground.  Songs include:

  1. Common Ground
  2. Come and Gather
  3. I Survive
  4. Lord, Make Us Turn to You
  5. Come and Follow Me
  6. Teach Us How to Pray
  7. Benedictus: The Rising Sun
  8. My Evaluation
  9. Just like a Little Child
  10. Open Wide the Doors
  11. By Name I Have Called You
  12. Canticle of Daniel – Angotti