John Michael Talbot, Artist; Master Collection Vol. 1, Title; Music CD

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Music CD by John Michael Talbot, titled Master Collection Vol. 1

John Michael Talbot belongs to a secular Franciscan order. Most of his compositions are arranged from early church music and sacred writings. CD Master Collection Vol.1 by John Michael Talbot is a set of 34 songs for silence, solitude, and meditation. Master Collection Vol. 1 contains 2 long play compact discs.

Music CD Master Collection Vol.1 by John Michael Talbot includes the following songs: Psalm 131; Psalm 23; Hymn to the Praises of God; Psalm 91, 62, 51, 95, 42; Father, I Put My Life in Your Hands; The Pleiades and Orion; Holy Is His Name; Ode of the Bride; I Found My Beloved; Pass Through My Will; Retreat; Peter’s Canticle; I Am the Vine; I Am the Bread of Life; I Am the Good Shepherd; The Spirit of the Lord; The Lilies of the Field; My Yoke is Easy; Jesus Prayer; Lamb of God; Our Blessing Cup; Let Us Adore the Lord; Lord, Every Nation on Earth Shall Adore You; The Praises of the Virtues; God; Healer of My Soul; Peace Prayer; St. Teresa’s Prayer; All Who Are Thirsty; The Empty Canvas.

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