Joseph's Studio My First Communion Glitterdome Girl & Jesus Figurine

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Joseph’s Studio “Girl with Jesus Figurine GlitterDome,” #41509 stands 5.5”. It is a resin-stone mix figurine in a glass musical Glitter Dome. Tune: The Lord's Prayer


Joseph’s Studio 5.5” First Communion GlitterDome of Communion Girl with Jesus Figurine #41509, is a resin-stone mix figurine in a glass musical glitterdome which plays The Lord’s Prayer from Roman, Inc. 

This glitterdome depicts a kneeling girl with Jesus beside her kneeling on His right knee on her First Communion Day.   She is holding a rosary in her praying hands. “My First Communion” is inscribed on the front of the base in gold lettering.

MOSACK'S offers a complete line of the popular Joseph's Studio Collection, which features intricately crafted figurines of Jesus, Mary, the Saints and Angels and Garden Statuary in a Renaissance style. You will also find Joseph’s style of artwork in Sacramental, Thanksgiving and Christmas pieces, including nativities, angels, Santa/St. Nicholas and snowmen.

Joseph's Studio My First Communion Musical Glitterdome Girl with Jesus Figurine #41509


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