K Brand Ambry Stainless Steel Bronze Face 11 x 9 x 6 Inch (K22)

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K Brand Ambry Stainless Steel Bronze Face K22


K Brand Ambry K22 has a Bronze Face which measures 12” high x 10” wide with a Plexiglass Window. The Stainless Steel box of this Ambry measures 11” high x 9” wide x 6” deep.

Holy Oil Vessels sold separately.

K Brand Manufacturers and Importers of Fine Church Goods since 1919.


K Brand Ambry  K22

The Ambry is the place where the Holy Oils and the Oil of Chrism are stored. The Holy Oils and the Oil of Chrism are visible to the People of God to remind the community that God chooses to use the things of this earth to impart His grace.

Some of the church’s most ancient traditions and rituals are witnessed during Holy Week, including the preparation, blessing, and distribution of oils central to the Catholic Church’s sacraments and rites.

From Jerusalem to Rome to parishes around the world, the pope and local bishops will carry out the annual custom of preparing and distributing the holy oils to churches. The chrism Mass is usually celebrated on or before Holy Thursday, such as Holy Tuesday, at the local cathedral with the bishop gathered with his priests.

The oils include:

  • The oil of the sick, used in the anointing of the sick
  • The oil of catechumens, which is for those preparing to be baptized
  • The chrism oil, which is consecrated and used for baptism, confirmation, and holy orders

Hippolytus of Rome, the 3rd-century writer and saint, noted the blessing of the oils and how they were used in the early Church. Later descriptions are found in the 7th and 8th centuries from the Gelasian Sacramentary, which among other items described early liturgical practices, prayers, rites, and blessings of the Easter font and of the oil and prayers at dedication of churches.

Even before that, there are Old and New Testament scriptural references to “anointings,” suggesting the importance of holy oil in ancient and biblical cultures.