"Keziah: The Story of Noah's Daughter" by Miranda K. Hopkins

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Keziah: The Story of Noah's Daughter - Miranda K. Hopkins - 9781632210760


Abandoned and starving, Keziah struggles desperately to survive. Living in a city rife with violence and idolatry, Keziah's destiny seems inevitable. Then she meets Noah and his God. Leaving the wicked city behind, Keziah is introduced to a new way of life. Yet, when she encounters more perils, will she learn to love and trust the Lord as Noah does? Will she have the faith to follow Him through a flood?

Miranda K. Hopkins is a pastor's wife who ministers alongside her husband in the Midwest. She is a passionate homeschooling mother to four wonderful children who amuse and challenge her daily. Miranda is a story enthusiast who loves getting lost in a good book. She hopes to inspire others to use their talents in the furtherance of the gospel. Keziah, The Story of Noah's Daughter is her first novel.