Kneeling Santa "A Special Place for Santa" Children's Book #10028

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This Kneeling Santa hardcover book titled "A Special Place for Santa" with vivid illustrations reconciles the role of Santa in relation to the birth of Jesus Christ #10028 AVAILABLE JUNE 2019 - SOLD OUT for 2018!!


"A Special Place for Santa" #10028 is a children’s book by author Ray Gauer. This book gives a brief history of legends surrounding St. Nicholas, leading to his modern counterpart, Santa Claus, who pays tribute to the birth of Christ on Christmas.

This book is a great holiday story to read to a special child, and if that wasn't already enough to keep them interested, show them the wonderful illustrations throughout. “A Special Place for Santa” #10028 is 7 ½” high x 8 ½” wide.

                                                         The Kneeling Santa

Behold – a rainbow of light floods the church’s stained glass windows, bathing the figure of Baby Jesus with light.  A lone figure makes his way down the aisle toward the cradle. It is Santa Claus upholding his annual tradition of being the first to wish the Babe a Happy Birthday.

“Thank you for spreading the message of Christmas,” God whispers gently to Santa before he reaches the altar.  “You remind people across the globe to love each other and that is a priceless gift.”

“Thank you for making me realize how blessed I am to make this pilgrimage each year,” Santa said, taking the final steps to the crèche.  He removes his hat, falls to his knees and celebrates this sacred season.

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