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MTF Regal New Roman Missal Third Edition #9781936045518RM3GE

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Regal version in Genuine Leather of the New Roman Missal Third Edition measures 8 1/2" x 11" at Mosack's


Limited Regal Edition MTF 9781936045518 of the New Roman Missal, Third Edition at MOSACK’S.  The Regal Edition measures 8 ½“ x 11”.
Regal Edition MTF 9781936045518 of the Roman Missal (Genuine Leather, 8.5" x 11"), a high-quality edition for solemn occasions as well as everyday use, has the following features:

  • The missal is bound in genuine leather, bearing the gold-stamped image of Christ Pantocrator on the front and Chi-Rho on the back to reflect the dignity of the liturgy
  • The Smyth-sewn binding and robust, embossed endsheets allows the missal to lay open and hold up to everyday use
  • Full-color illustrations from the Church's treasury of fine art adorns the seasons and principal feasts of the liturgical year
  • •The gilded edges are struck with red and then gold to preserve their beauty even when the book is laid open.
  • The prayers are printed in black with red rubrics on august cream paper
  • The 24 tabs are made of genuine leather and firmly attached to the page to facilitate the turning of pages and prevent tearing
  • The gold-stamped Florentine edges on the inside of the cover testify to the attention to detail employed throughout this missal
  • The six ornate ribbons are custom-made with a slug so they do not damage the pages or binding
  • The cream-colored, 60 gsm paper is thin enough to maintain a manageable weight but sufficiently opaque to ensure the clear legibility of the text.. Pages used more often will utilize thicker, 100 gsm paper to ensure their durability
  • The protective, red, cloth-wrapped box will safeguard the missal from being soiled or damaged when not in use

Regal Edition Midwest Theology Forum, printed in Italy #9781936045518 of the Roman Missal, Third Edition