Light and Leaven: The Challenge of the Laity in the Twenty-First Century

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Light and Leaven: The Challenge of the Laity in the Twenty-First Century - Bishop Joseph E. Strickland - CB469


Bishop Joseph Strickland is one of the Church’s boldest and most courageous leaders. His outspoken support of orthodox faith and morals, the sanctity of unborn life, and reforming Catholic institutions have made him a hero even to Catholics outside his little East Texas diocese.

In Light and Leaven he offers a forthright perspective on the state of the Church and the world today and calls on the lay faithful to meet its challenges unflinchingly. We must not shrink from the culture, he says, but be a light to it; we must not retreat from the world but leaven it with grace and truth.

In his direct and conversational manner, Bishop Strickland touches on a wide range of topics, including Church renewal in a time of scandal, the central importance of the Eucharist, how to build strong marriages, the need for prayer and silence in a noisy and distracted age, and the battle between good and evil in which all Christians are engaged. He will inspire and edify you with his wise insights, pastoral common sense, and evident love for souls.

"Whether it’s the 100,000 Catholics who live in East Texas or the broader Catholic faithful who follow him on Twitter, or those who can now read his bold perspectives in Light and Leaven, one thing is for sure, Bishop Strickland is unlike any Bishop we have seen in decades.  Readers of Light and Leaven will quickly learn that there has likely never been a Bishop, since probably Bishop Fulton Sheen, who speaks so plainly on matters of faith and morals. This East Texas farm boy has gifted to the Catholic laity around the world what they have lacked for nearly a decade – a shepherd.   Every Catholic should read Light and Leaven to discover that despite the disappointment we have experienced in our Church, there is a light that remains and will not be overcome."
- Lisa Wheeler, President, Carmel Communications, Co-producer, Unplanned

"Many are depressed about what they see in the Church today. Many are discouraged and confused about what the Catholic Church teaches. We see a worldliness and secularism that's gripped society and the inside of our beloved Catholic Church, Light and Leaven is a clarion call to bishops, priests, religious and laity alike to truly live the Gospel, to be counter cultural in the way we deposit the faith and witness what we profess. For the Church to be truly powerful, not as the world is powerful, but in and through Christ's Divine Power present in the Sacraments, Bishop Strickland reminds us of the power source: the Holy Eucharist and the sacramental life of the Church.
Alexis Walkenstein, co-producer Unplanned, evangelist and editor of Fulton J. Sheen

In Light and Leaven, Bishop Joseph Strickland speaks the truth plainly, but in a positive and encouraging way that will touch your heart. It's a quick and accessible read that will inspire you to stay focused on the Eucharist, dive deep into prayer, and do all that you can to bring about a much-needed renewal in the Church today.
- Danielle Bean, Author and Speaker