Obed the Farmer (Fontanini 5" Scale Collection)

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Obed the Farmer Introduced in 2022 for the Fontanini 5" Scale Collection.


Obed the Farmer for the Fontanini 5" Scale Collection.

Create a village farming scene with Obed, the Farmer and Hannah, Farmer and the Lighted Farmhouse shown below.  You can add the children Seth and Filia along with Bethlehem Birds, Produce accessories, trees and more.  Imagine Silvanus coming by the local farmhouses with his tools in his cart.  He will set up his sharpening wheel to sharpen the knives of the farmers.

COLLECTOR NOTE - Introduced in 2022.

Item # 54123


Country of Origin: Italy

Notes: Handpainted

Materials: POLYMER

Dimensions: 5" SCALE