5' Outdoor Hardwood Flagpole #60705

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Sturdy hardwood flagpole measures 5' x 1" and features hardwood ball top and anti-wrap ring.


Fly your USA flag, message flag or decorative flag with this sturdy, outdoor hardwood flagpole #60705, which measures 5’ long and 1” in diameter. This 5' flagpole has an anti-wrap ring at the top of the pole and an elegant hardwood ball top.

This 5’ hardwood flagpole #60705 also comes with a zip-tie to thread loosely through the bottom grommet of your flag to facilitate the anti-wrap feature.

MOSACK’S stocks flagpole brackets to use this flagpole as an outrigger flagpole and a wide assortment of outdoor flags to complete your order.

5' Outdoor Hardwood Flagpole, #60705