Residential 15' White Fiberglass Flagpole w/ External Halyard

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This 15' tapered white fiberglass flagpole can display a 3' x 5' flag. Call for discount on multiple flagpole purchase.


This gracefully tapered 15’ fiberglass flagpole with white high-gloss surface will enhance the landscape of any residential property. The overall length is 17’ with a butt diameter of 3 3/4” and a top diameter of 2 3/4”. Recommended flag size is 3’ x 5’.

Fiberglass flagpoles are long-lasting and maintenance free. They are noncorrosive, rust-proof and lighter than steel or aluminum. Standard fittings include:

  • Spun gold anodized aluminum ball
  • Braided polypropylene external halyard with cast nylon snaps
  • Cap style cast aluminum truck assembly
  • Cast aluminum cleat attached to the pole with stainless fasteners
  • Heavy duty PVC foundation sleeve
  • Flash collar

Our flagpoles provide a winning combination of strength, appearance, durability, and value that equal or surpass the standards of the industry. All flagpoles are made in America.

We can drop ship this flagpole to your home or business. Please call us at 1-800-779-8887 for shipping fees to complete your order and find out if installation is available in your area.