Precious Moments, Grow In The Light Of His Love, 5.25", 830014

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Precious Moments "Grow In The Light Of His Love" is a collectible bisque figurine for Baptism, 5.25", 830014.


Precious Moments “Grow In The Light Of His Love” #830014 is a Precious Moments collectible bisque figurine of a young mother and father holding their infant dressed in a long white baptismal gown with gold cross necklace, making this a wonderful remembrance of the baby’s Baptism. This Precious Moments “Grown In The Light Of His Love” figurine is in the Precious Moments Inspiration Collection.

While loving, caring and sharing certainly existed prior to the inception of the Precious Moments’ Collection, the artistry of Sam Butcher brings those emotions to life with immediacy and poignancy. Over 3 decades, the brand has garnered world-wide recognition as these commemorate the very moments that are life defining.

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