PIZZA 3' x 5' Nylon Message Flag, #120058

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3' x 5' nylon message flag proclaims PIZZA on white background between green and red bands.

Fly your message high with this 3’ x 5’ PIZZA message flag, #120058. This nylon horizontal flag is single-sided and comes complete with canvas heading and brass grommets.

The 3’x 5’ PIZZA message flag #120058 features black Helvetica Bold lettering on a white background between red and blue colored bands. Extremely durable and fast drying, the PIZZA message flag is specially treated to resist sun and chemical deterioration when flying outdoors.

Made in the USA, this eye-catching PIZZA message flag is great for promoting and advertising your business. Message flags grab the attention of viewers and let them know at a glance what product or service your business provides.

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