Pray. Think. Act. by J. Augustine Wetta, O.S.B.

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Pray. Think. Act. - J. Augustine Wetta O.S.B. - 9781621645818


Father Augustine Wetta reaches back into monastic history to answer one of the most critical questions facing young people today: "How do I make up my mind?" With his characteristic wit and novel approach to classical art, Father Augustine looks to the wisdom of the Desert Fathers to unearth an ancient and highly efficient method for resolving life's most pressing dilemmas—even in the midst of distractions, temptations, and disruptions.

Profoundly Biblical and astonishingly practical, these trailblazing saints laid the foundations of Christian discernment by combining their genius for interpreting Scripture with their uncompromising search for the truth. Their patience and remarkable sense of humor gave their words a practicality that speaks as clearly today as it did in the third century. In three steps, each broken down into three parts, the Desert Fathers will teach you how to make decisions in a way that is peaceful, joyful, focused, realistic, and open to the ever-prodding finger of God.

As he did in his best-selling Humility Rules, Father Wetta illustrates each chapter with color reproductions of famous works of art that he has embellished with comic flourishes. He provides a discernment worksheet to help anyone with making a difficult decision.