Preparing for Confession for Teens

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Preparing for Confession for Teens - PRECONT - 9781616717759


Help teens prepare to encounter the love and mercy of God through the sacrament of reconciliation with LTP’s Preparing for Confession for Teens! Written specifically for middle- and high-school aged youth, this guide focuses on God’s desire to bring healing, hope, and freedom through this beautiful sacrament. It includes:

  • Short scriptural reflections inviting teens to look back on their lives in the light of God’s abundant mercy;
  • An age-appropriate examination of conscience asking teens to consider their relationship with God, with others, and with self;
  • Step-by-step instructions for celebrating the sacrament individually or as a part of a communal reconciliation service;
  • An invitation for teens to give thanks for the gift of God’s mercy and how they can continue to live in the freedom God has given them in the sacrament.

Preparing for Confession for Teens is an excellent resource for youth ministers, directors of religious education, campus ministers, and pastors to have available whenever teens will be invited to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation.