Reserved Sign Velvet-RURC6

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Reserved Sign Velvet-RURC6 made of high quality maroon velvet with non-skid back with embroidered 1" gold letters. Simply drapes over back of pew or chair. FREE SHIPPING on $100. Orders


Reserved Sign Velvet-RURC6.

Velvet Reserved Sign simply drapes over the back of any pew or chapel chair.  

Made of high quality maroon velvet with non-skid back.   RESERVED is embroidered in 1" gold letters on both the front and the back.. 13.5" x 17"

This ​Velvet Reserved Sign is quick and easy to display, move and store.

This velvet reserved sign fits all pews and church chairs.

(No other wording or color available)

FREE SHIPPING on $100. Orders

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