First Communion Halo Style Veil #92024

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22" long First Communion Veil comes with large satin flowers and wide satin ribbons.


Picture your little girl wearing this elegant halo style crown matched with a single tier 22” veil with lace edging. This satin edged veil features large satin flowers around a wreath while white satin ribbons hang down the back. One size fits all. This is a perfect accessory for her First Holy Communion dress.

The First Communion veil is an important symbol of fidelity and purity before God. The sacrament of Communion is very much like a wedding ceremony, representing a sacred and unbreakable bond between God and your child. Just as a bride’s veil is all white to represent her own purity, so does a white First Communion veil reflect the state of childlike innocence to which all return when taking the graceful offering of Holy Communion.