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MTF Classic New Roman Missal Third Edition 9781936045525

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MTF Classic version of the New Roman Missal Third Edition measures 8 1/2" x 11" at Mosack's


Limited Hardcover MTF Classic Edition 9781936045525 of the New Roman Missal Third Edition The Classic Edition measures 8 ½“ x 11”.

Features of the MTF Classic Edition 9781936045525 of the Roman Missal, Third Edition, (8.5" x 11"), an affordable edition for everyday use, has the following features:

  • The missal is bound in a durable, rich, faux leather, bearing the gold-stamped image of Christ Pantocrator to reflect the dignity of the liturgy
  • The Smyth-sewn binding and robust endsheets allows the missal to lay open and hold up to everyday use
  • Full-color illustrations from the Church's treasury of fine art adorns the seasons and principal feasts of the liturgical year
  • Gilded edges are struck with red and then gold to preserve their beauty even when the book is laid open
  • The prayers are printed in black with red rubrics on august cream paper
  • The 24 tabs are made of bonded leather and firmly attached to the page to facilitate the turning of pages and prevent tearing
  • The six ribbons are custom-made with a slug so they do not damage the pages or binding
  • The cream-colored, 60 gsm paper is thin enough to maintain a manageable weight but sufficiently opaque to ensure the clear legibility of the text. Pages used more often will utilize thicker, 100 gsm paper to ensure their durability


MTF Classic Edition Printed in Italy, #9781936045525 of the Roman Missal, Third Edition

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