Wooden Rosary Bead Ring

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Rosary Bead Ring in light wood 1-1/2" QUANTITY PRICES

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Rosary Bead Ring 2-3/4"956-05. A Rosary Bead ring in a light wood has carved design on each bead. This ring has ten beads and a plain wooden cross and is small enough for a pocket.

To Pray the Rosary using a Rosary Ring A "Rosary Ring" or "Finger Rosary" it is worn on the index finger of either hand. The beads are counted by the thumb, which rotates the ring on the finger during the count. To pray the regular rosary using the ring, pray the initial prayers of the rosary (the Apostles' Creed, the Our Father, three Hail Marys and a Glory Be). Then announce each decade and pray the Our Father on the crucifix, and the ten Hail Marys on the ten "beads" of the ring. At the end of each decade, pray the Glory Be and, if you choose, the "O My Jesus" prayer. After five decades, pray the closing prayers and end. Since the rosary ring is a sacramental, it can be blessed just like a regular rosary. These also can be bought in quantities or one and are priced accordingly.

Image from WJ Hirten