Rosary Ring Brown Plastic 1-3/4"95305

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Rosary Ring Brown Plastic 1-3/4"95305. Also called a Finger Rosary, it is small enough to fit in a pocket and be with you anywhere.This type of rosary ring comes in different colors and are plastic or metal.

It is 1-1/4" in length.

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Rosary Ring Brown Plastic 1-3/4"95305.  Rosary Rings are also known as Finger Rosaries. They are nice to have in your pocket. This particular one is in plastic and with the circle in the form of a crown and a detailed etching of the Crucifixion.

They are made in plastic or metal and come in many colors.  Simply slip the Rosary Ring or Finger Rosary on your finger and "feel" the beads as you pray the rosary.

Rosary Ring Brown Plastic 1-3/4"95305